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Addicted to a fear?

2011-06-29 21:45:36 by silversunned

I have a very astute fear of needles, thus I avoid them like the plague... However I have Two piercings now, one I got just about an hour ago and I was oddly liberated by this feeling of getting my face balanced out by another piercing, is it that I'm addicted to the fear itself, or am I slowly gaining and insensitive nature towards my own gut instincts when it screams "DON'T DO IT!!!"?

I haven't the faintest idea, but I do know this, I think I should get my nose pierced now! :D :D

Non-Sensical and Whimsical!

2011-04-05 06:33:43 by silversunned

Running around the empty space of my head, Looking down I find a new perspective on indifference and realizing that it's all just in my head

In my head you'll find a muddled, and very jumbled mess of cob-webs and empty novels, running again towards the only source of light, but the light grows more dim, and distant
Was it not meant for me?

feelings of contemplative spiders running up my arm like pin-pricks and needles.

Non-sensical and very whimsical you run towards me holding your eyes, blinded by the glow of psychosis and wishing it had never happened to begin with. How to end such a powerful thought of those self-proclaimed geniuses is all towards the back and towards the front we have main-stream thoughts of eye-brow raising pentacles (or maybe just tentacles...)

How to discern the lyrical mistypings of those we call stars only to watch them fall. They never attempt to get up again because their light has burned Out.

RIP Fred......

2011-04-01 18:06:20 by silversunned

I met a spider today, so I named him Fred

Fred said HI so I stepped on him.....

Poor Fred....

He shouldn't have opened his goddamn mouth again!

all I can say is that I'm getting more of a knack for these details in my work however it's also becoming ALOT more time consuming then what I'm actually accustomed to... I guess it's a good thing I have more patience then a doctor.

What to think when your mind is empty, swimming in the bottomless sea of ones mind?
How do you tell when your mind is empty? hoping that something will become clear?
Why is there a clown on my shoulder telling me to run? The clown looks like Pennywise
Yet none the wiser
Feeling like a loser, feeling like a bum, don't get on my bad side I can use a gun
Farewell my black Baloon, I hope your journey is safe, and remember

The end only means a new beginning for those who come after you!

I was Scouted! :D

2011-03-01 07:00:46 by silversunned

YAY! I feel special! :D come have a look at my art and by all means feel free to leave a review if you want :D :D

I've had a newgrounds for about a month now, I've posted art and everything and it seems that Noone has bothered coming and looking, how do you get someone to sponsor your art or whatever it is that needs to be done if noone even bothers?