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Entry #7

Addicted to a fear?

2011-06-29 21:45:36 by silversunned

I have a very astute fear of needles, thus I avoid them like the plague... However I have Two piercings now, one I got just about an hour ago and I was oddly liberated by this feeling of getting my face balanced out by another piercing, is it that I'm addicted to the fear itself, or am I slowly gaining and insensitive nature towards my own gut instincts when it screams "DON'T DO IT!!!"?

I haven't the faintest idea, but I do know this, I think I should get my nose pierced now! :D :D


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2011-06-29 23:15:21

Piercings aren't needles, unless your doing them yourself which I wouldn't recommend.

My brother keep getting cysts because of infections caused from self-piercing. XgqfU


2011-06-29 23:15:49

That's not my brother but it's very similar to what you could acquire without proper hygienic approaches to piercing.

silversunned responds:

Oh don't worry, I always make sure everything is perfectly sanitary before I get a piercing :D and I never do them myself either